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Fun Summer of Photography Projects

Date Posted October 18, 2010

I had a very fun summer photographing some incredible projects.

It began with my photographing my very favourite theme... Fashion! I collaborated with two world class designers, the wonderful Aida Flores and the inspiring Jana Hanzel. They are always a pleasure to work with. Please delight yoursel with their creations in my main gallery.

I was also happy to complete some of my pet projects that I have been meaning to realize for some time. This summer I shot with Amanda to produce the darkest of Joker images in honour of one of my favourite films.

I was part of the Fashion Fetish Gala at the Montreal Fetish Weekend this Sept. I had a great time and the event is truly a great night of enjoyment. Many of my images will be published on their website and in the next Marquis. Rush out and get your copy!

On top of all that, I have some fantastic images to be posted soon: A steamyl burlesque shoot with Tara... can you guess the movie that inspired it? A fantastic bodypainting shoot with Lindsay that would make Jim Lee envious. And a sizzling photo session with one of the best modeling talents I have worked with, Carlotta Champagne. She models Aida's dresses so well. I almost forgot... look for more MFW photos to be posted... including the sizzling Penthouse Pet Jade Vixen.

In case you were wondering, the talented blonde on many of my new photos is the very talented Leesa. She is a rising star to the modeling world.

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